Mary Edwards Couponers UnitedI feel like I know so many of you already from all of your wonderful comments, emails, and questions, so I thought I’d share a little about my family and I. I’m a work at home mother of 4 living just outside of Orlando. .

I began couponing not long after my decision to be a stay at home mom. Just before my 3rd child was born, I left my job as a nurse to be home with my children. Couponing has REALLY helped make ends meet, especially now with the current economy. I started “super couponing” and stockpiling about 2yrs ago.

Why did I start this blog?

At first, I started blogging to keep track of spending, and to keep up on the sale schedules. When family & friends started noticing that my pantries were always stocked (and sometimes overflowing) and I was spending LESS than ever before, they were intrigued. I wanted to help them and encourage them, so I started blogging even more. I started sharing deals, tips, and finally ad matchups. As the interest grew, I started offering free coupon classes in the area. I really do enjoy helping others save as much as possible. The classes I teach are a lot of fun! I learn something new at every class.
And now, I absolutely LOVE reading comments & emails about how much YOU are saving!! .