Aldi Coupon In Todays Paper $5 off $30

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WOW! Today the Orlando Sentinel had a $5/$30 Aldi coupon on the cover!  Aldi does not take manufacturer coupons, but they don’t really need to because the prices are already AWESOME!  So, use this $5 coupon off the top of your order to save even MORE. I love these surprise coupons :-)   And, since we get 4 papers I received FOUR coupons – I’m going to be sharing with my neighbor and sisters.

This is one of the reasons I get multiple papers delivered. This is a MONEY MAKER – the paper right now is ONLY .25/per week when you purchase it HERE ($13.36 for the year) **only 3 days left to grab this deal**– so when you get these awesome $5 coupons, you turn your paper into a $4.75 money maker (not to mention all the other manufacturer coupons throughout the paper)

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