Clean out your EXPIRED COUPON Inserts for the NEW YEAR!

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Below is a list of 2012 inserts & whether you should keep or get rid of.  By getting rid of, of course I mean recycle or send to the troops.

December 2012
Keep ALL

November 2012
Keep all except: 11/25 P&G (expires 12/31/12)

October 2012
Keep all except: 10/14 P&G & 10/28 P&G

September 2012
Keep all except: 9/30 P&G & 9/30 Pepsico

August 2012
Keep 8/12 RP

July 2012
ALL Inserts Expired

June 2012
ALL Inserts Expired

May 2012
Keep 5/13 SS

April 2012
ALL Inserts Expired

March 2012
ALL Inserts Expired

February 2012
ALL Inserts Expired

January 2012
ALL Inserts Expired

Note: The P&G coupons are usually only valid for about 30 days & usually expire at the end of each month.  Those can be pulled each month when you receive your new ones.  The GM (General Mills) coupons are also usually only valid for 30 days.

PLEASE Remember to send your expired coupons to Troopons to help support our troops!! You can read all the details HERE


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