Coupon Fraud at Publix in Melbourne – Two Charged Including a Cashier

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Coupon Fraud at Publix in Melbourne

BOOOO!  I hate that people do this.  Publix is such an awesome store and well, stuff like this just makes couponers look bad. :-(

Check out this story that was on the news today.


  1. Charlotte says

    That is ridiculous!!!! It is people like this that ruin couponing for the rest of us and since I live near there now Publix is going to be very picky about the coupons that we use :(

  2. Heidi S says

    And this is why we have to buy 3 of each item to save $.50 or $1.00…I usually don’t even bother cutting/printing those coupons.

  3. Heidi says

    The article quoted someone saying they were taking advantage. That’s not taking advantage, it’s flat out stealing. It makes everyone else that works hard and takes the time to make sure they are following the rules look bad. I agree that those that commit fraud will eventually make the stores change their policies and ruin it for the rest of us that are using coupons legitimately and legally. It’s deplorable..

  4. tammy says

    this is one of my favorite stores and i remember seeing that guy was a manager, i hope this does not mess up anything for us.

  5. Jamie says

    This girl was steeling hundreds of dollars of gift cards!!!! I met this girl 2 years ago at a local church and she would brag about her deals. As a long time couponer I knew she was bogus back then. I even ran into her at publix in melbourne and she had a whole cart full of candles. I asked her how she was getting all the candles she showed me some bogus coupon for 3 dollars off of each candle and you could tell they were fake and this was 2 years ago. When I called her out in it she made my life hell telling people I was a bad person I had to quit going to church and lost alot of friends. So you can say that I am overjoyed that this B finally got caught!!!!!!

  6. marian says

    If they build it “they” will come, either within the company or outside. Maybe this will make ALL employees a little more respectful to fellow couponers and not treat US like thieves when we shop. I was told about this story last week when a Customer Service employee said their store would no longer accept a coupon the next day if it was forgotten on a transaction. Hmmm, why was she first of all telling me about what happened and treating me like I was a thief…so, the next day I brought my items BACK for a refund! Yea, fix their butts I will. LOL

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