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Couponing 101: Coupon Clipping Services

by Melissa on May 7, 2012

Couponing 101: Coupon Clipping Services

Each week as part of my planning for my shopping trips, I always make sure to check out the Sunday Coupon Insert Previews. We do not always receive every single coupon in the insert that is listed on the web.  Some coupons are regional.  If you ever find a coupon in the list that does NOT show up in YOUR inserts, there is a Plan B!

So, onto Plan B…checking out the coupon clipping services. I don’t always use clipping services for my coupons. I exchange coupons with friends and family too, but when there is a hot deal that I want to stock up on, I start looking online.

Some sites sell whole coupon inserts, while others sell “lots” of already clipped coupons, and they charge a handling fee for finding the coupons for you. If you only need a few coupons, find a friend to split the cost and coupons with.

The Coupon Clippers

My favorite sites to use are  Coupons By DeDe and  The Coupon Clippers. You can also check out Ebay for coupons as well.

Some things to keep an eye out for are the expiration dates of the coupon and the end of the sale at your store.  Now, I don’t get too worried about the end of the sale date because I either get a raincheck at the end of the sale week if I have not received my coupons yet,  or I will purchase the item and return to the store with my receipt and coupons at a later time for a refund. Not all stores will do that, so please check with Customer Service at your store first!

We realize that clipping sites are not for everyone.  If you do use coupon clipping sites, which one is your favorite?  Feel free to leave comments here or on Facebook!

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Crystal May 7, 2012 at 9:39 am

Great information Melissa! I know I love splitting coupons with friends! :)

I’ve used Coupons with DeDe….great site!!!


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