Dumpster Diving – I Get It Now!

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I’m heading into Target tonight and I had to throw something in the trash-then something catches my eye.  THREE high value Target Coupons.   So I peek in a little further-(as I get stares from customers walking by)   $2.50/2 Cereals- Hmmm that’s a stackable coupon….. $2 off Starbucks bagged coffee….oh that’s killing me!! And the last one, well I couldn’t see it well enough to read it.  I tried-I threw the bottle I was throwing away in a way to try and “flip” the coupon over to read it – no luck.   So – did I stick my hand in there and grab them??? No.  But I will say I was darn tempted!

Dumpster diving is not for me but I have to say- I get it now!  When I heard people use the term “dumpster diving” I assumed they meant leaping into a pile of trash. But, seeing a coupon on the top of a trash pile….I get it now.

On another note – seeing stuff like this makes me want to get into the community and teach EVEN MORE coupon classes to educate everyone on the value of coupons :)

So-what would YOU do? 

*the blue marked out portion was someones pharmacy coupon-with their info*


  1. Alison says

    I only dove in once…and into a FULL dumpster I did go. My friend acccidentally tossed a stack of $10 Kohls coupons (with NO minimum purchase) into the trash. There were at LEAST 15 of the coupons….it’s like $150 was tossed away.

  2. Shawn says

    I don’t know what is more scary…that people would throw away such high value coupons, or that someone would throw prescription intel out with their personal information on it.

    Do people STILL not understand what identity theft it – this behavior is all but ASKING someone to steal their identity and everything they have.

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