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Dumpster Diving – I Get It Now!

by Mary on November 20, 2011

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I’m heading into Target tonight and I had to throw something in the trash-then something catches my eye.  THREE high value Target Coupons.   So I peek in a little further-(as I get stares from customers walking by)   $2.50/2 Cereals- Hmmm that’s a stackable coupon….. $2 off Starbucks bagged coffee….oh that’s killing me!! And the last one, well I couldn’t see it well enough to read it.  I tried-I threw the bottle I was throwing away in a way to try and “flip” the coupon over to read it – no luck.   So – did I stick my hand in there and grab them??? No.  But I will say I was darn tempted!

Dumpster diving is not for me- but I have to say- I get it now!  When I heard people use the term “dumpster diving” I assumed they meant leaping into a pile of trash. But, seeing a coupon on the top of a trash pile….I get it now.

On another note – seeing stuff like this makes me want to get into the community and teach EVEN MORE coupon classes to educate everyone on the value of coupons :)

So-what would YOU do? 

*the blue marked out portion was someones pharmacy coupon-with their info*

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