Frugal Vacation Tips – Road Trip LUNCH

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As you may have read our family is currently on a road trip.  Every 2 years we head to a super fun lodge in Missouri for a family reunion.  This year we decided to leave extra early and take our time sightseeing.  We packed up, called the house sitter (saved $ on that too-we talked Jacks brother into staying at the house) and headed out!   I spent the 2wks before the trip planning cheap meals that are car-friendly as well as picking up $1 toys from the Dollar Tree and printing games for the ride.

I’ll be sharing some tips and ideas along the way.  All of our breakfasts are part of our hotel stay, and we definitely fill up on fruits, yogurt, juice, coffee and waffles before we head out in the mornings.  Below is one version of our lunch options that save us alot of $ and are a little more nutritious than the typical drive thru.  AND no messes!

Our frugal lunch:
Kids lunches

4 Lunchables x .50 after coupons = $2
(Crackers, Cheeses, meats, 2 cookies)
2lbs Grapes x 1.29/lb from Aldi=  $2.58
(4) Water x  .10   = .40
Final Cost: $4.98


Fast Food Meal option: 

4 McDonald’s Kids Meal x $2.99
Burger, fries, drink
Final Cost: $11.96 

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