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Couponers United is one of the top couponing sites founded by Mary Edwards.  Here you will learn tips for new couponers, how to Organize Your Coupons, and so much more.  Learn how to coupon efficiently, budget wisely, and save in every area of your life.

If you’re in the Central Florida area, check out one of our FREE COUPON CLASSES.  If you’re not in Central Florida, stay tuned for our upcoming video series.

If you’re new to couponing or just new to the Couponers United site, here are some TOP Couponing How To Posts to get you started on your couponing journey:

Organize Your Coupons In A Hanging File – EASY!

How Rainchecks Saved My Sanity…..

Tips For New Couponers

Shopping Chart 

Coupon Clipping Services

Starting a Coupon Trading Group

How to recognize a Target vs Manufacturer Coupon before printing it


Where to Find Coupons

CVS 101

Walgreens 101

You can learn more about Mary Edwards here.

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