Giveaway: FREE Gallon Of Milk

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Would you like to win a coupon for a FREE GALLON of milk? Im giving away ONE coupon for a FREE gallon of milk (any brand!)

To enter:

1) Leave a comment letting me know how much a gallon of milk costs in your city!

Winner will be randomly chosen on Tues August 9th


  1. Steven Hsu says

    In Boise, ID, the averge milk cost about 3.29, and plus we got to use the .75/1 Any one gallon milk, so it is about 2.59.

  2. Erin P says

    Just bought two gallons at CVS 3.99 each, second one was suppose to be free since I’ve bought my 5 but didn’t work?! :(

  3. Nicole Sheaffer says

    between $3.69 and $3.99 depending on where you buy it down here in Pompano/Deerfield Beach Florida.

  4. Andrea Ortiz says

    3.89 is the last we paid… WISH coupons were in weekly ads! Teachers pay and a baby on the way…

  5. Tracy says

    I think it runs around $3.19. I don’t really pay attention because it’s a necessity in my home. I’m pregnant and I have a daughter so we drink lots of milk.

  6. Lisa says

    $3.89 just outside Orlando. I could get more than a gallon of gas for that. Thinking about asking Santa for a cow for Xmas.

  7. Amanda W says

    $2.49 at our Aldi in Winter Garden which is the cheapest goin’. We go through 1 gallon every 2 days in our home with our 2 1/2 year old twins.

  8. amanda robbins says

    3.49 is the most expensive around, at community markets, the cheapest is at aldi, 2.29. Either way it is all to expensive when we go through 4-5 gallons a week :p

  9. Amy Parent says

    I live in Odenville the only store with milk within 13 miles is Piggly Wiggly..Brand name is 6.35 and PW brand is 4.59! Its nuts! We go through anywhere from 3-5 gallons a week!! 5 Kids who love it! :)

  10. Edith says

    3.99-4.99 in the stores in NYC. It’s crazy. I buy from Costco now, where it’s 2.69. But I prefer to buy from the supermarket cause it’s closer.

  11. yashoda raval says

    A gallon of milk in Houston cost about $3.34!!!! I love milk :) and i have to buy it even if it cost this much

  12. Wanda says

    $3.89 at Walmart outside of Houston too… seems to be the national average. With 6 people in my home, we go through about a gallon of milk a day.

  13. belinda gregory says

    half gallon on sale at wags for $1.59…but at my grocery store a gallon is $3.89 .. go through a few gallons a week, my kids love cereal and making chocolate and strawberry milk!!

  14. Amanda Rigsby says

    Cheapest I can get it here in New Jersey is at BJ’s for about $2.50. Anywhere else is between $3.40-$4.40.

  15. Megan says

    Around $3.29 in Savannah, Georgia

    Gets pricey when you go through a half-gallon per day! (two toddlers and two adults, all milk lovers!)

  16. Kristen Harris says

    Here in Titusville, a gallon of milk will cost you $3.78 +. With 7 people in our house, ranging in age from 2 1/2 yrs – 74 yrs, my husband says it would be cheaper to just buy a cow!

    • says

      And you could have your grass “moo”ed for free! Sorry too much sugar today, couldnt resist! Free fertilizer too! If I had a bigger yard I might consider it!

  17. Amanda Muhleisen says

    I feel very blessed after seeing the other posts. A local grocery chain in the NY/PA areas (Wegmans) selected some “most popular” items and as a service to customers won’t raise their prices on them for the entire year. A gallon of skim milk at the Canandaigua, NY store is $1.99. The price of other kinds of milk is higher however we only drink skim. Looking at other stores it varies in price. I believe at Tops it’s $2.29. Some stores charge over $3.50 in smaller towns.

  18. says

    $3.89 at Publix, winter springs. We go through about 3-4 gallons a week. Milk is usually what most of my weekly shopping is spent on.

  19. Donna says

    CVS DeLand $3.79 less TG Lee $1.00 coupon and $2.00 ECB $0.79 thanks to all your valuable advice and website.

  20. says

    Got Milk? NOPE. In Palm Beach County its varies but its almost as much as a gallon of fuel! between 3.89 – 4.59 depending on brand.

    I use the powdered stuff in a pinch, eww.

  21. Abi says

    Wow, I’ve been whining about how much milk costs here and I only pay $3.39 at Publix – less at Kroger (half gallons are often 10/$10) but I hate their milk. Looks like I’m on the cheaper end of the spectrum!

  22. Joy Howse says

    Whole milk, whole gallon is on average $3.40 in OKC. I have found recently that they put the 1/2 gallons on sale more often and that they are a MUCH better deal when on sale. My oldest LOVES to figure out the better deal on milk sizes. :)

  23. Kelly says

    At Giant Eagle $2.69, but if I have to go to Walmart $4.19. You might get ur underwear cheap but they get their money back with the milk!!

  24. Tabby says

    The average cost is $3.89 at Walmart and $4.59 at CVS. I can go through an average of 2-3 gallons a week here so winning a coupon for free milk would be GREAT!!!!

  25. Wendi Brooke says

    Of course , it depends on the store. $ 2.98 @ Kroger or $3.89 a gallon at Publix here in Douglasville, Ga!!!

  26. DeDe says

    Glad I don’t live in some of those cities I’ve been reading about! This week milk is $2.79/gal. here in Columbus, OH. I actually bought several half gallons though this morning for $1.25 each. Glad it’s cheaper here since I buy 3 gallons each week.

  27. naomi leidinger says

    it costs 3.98 at kroger’s in peachtree city,ga ….my family goe’s through 2 to 3 gallons a week…

  28. stacey says

    We buy ours at Aldi for $2.59 per gallon. I visit that store once a week, so buy our 3 gallons for the week all at one time…it’s the best price around! We are in the Orlando area, too….I see a lot of local comments for much more expensive milk…get to Aldi! They are everywhere around here now!

  29. sue consiglio says

    A gallon of milk cost $3.08 in Joliet, IL.
    Love your site.
    Need a coupon origanizer. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

  30. Margaret West says

    Just bought milk at our Walmart yesterday and it was $2.83. We shop in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Would love a free gallon of milk though…got 3 kis to feed. :-)

  31. Pamela Cofer says

    Just under $4 on average here in Brunswick, GA.
    Family of 4, all boys except me, so we go through some milk at our house! :)

  32. Linda says

    At Publix in Bradenton, milk costs $3.89 a gallon. Was looking at the price of milk in the different areas. Sheesh! I need to move to any place where milk is cheaper! Milk is my biggest dollar item because coupons are so rare for milk. TG Lee is the only coupons I can get so when CVS has its great deal ($1 ECB wyb 1 gal. TG Lee) plus I have the Q from TG Lee, I feel quite smart! That’s the Happy Couponer’s Dance time for me! Yahoo!

  33. Lori Laskaris says

    I live in Tampa, Florida…at Publix it is $3.85 a gallon. If you go to WalMart it is $3.38 a gallon. Last week CVS had it for $3.79 and you got $1.00 back in bonus bucks.

  34. Kara Beara :) says

    Got Milk? Milk is anywhere between $2.49 (@ Aldi) and $3.69 a gallon in Sanford, FL. Could I save if I just bought a cow? 😉

  35. Lisa Green says

    I paid 3.99 for a gallon of milk in Plant city, fl TODAY! Would love a free one!
    thanks CouponersUnited!

  36. Anne says

    Milk(Albertson’s brand) in Los Lunas, New Mexico is $2.33 Limit 2 gllons and at Smith’s $2.50 a gallon when you buy half gallons 4 for $5.00….

  37. Fab says

    Have to go to the Aldi’s to get our milk in St Cloud for $2.49! We use soooo much milk in this house. Went through 21 gal in a matter of 2 weeks!!!!

  38. cari says

    milk at cvs is 3.49 a gallon i also buy 4 to 5 a week with two toddlers and a husband who loves to eat cereal. i absolutely loved cvs buy 5 get one free deal we got at least five free gallons from there a free gallon is always a help my girls love milk

  39. Honey Horn says

    Our local Walmart has it regular priced for $2.49.
    Thank goodness too, my daughter and husband
    alone go through 2 gallons a week!! ;O)

  40. Brenda Rodriquez says

    Hello, Milk ranges from as low as 2.48 to over 3.56 a gallon here. I’ve seen that much of a range depending on the store your at. :) Good luck everyone <3

  41. Tiffaney says

    1.99 if I get it at Aldis! 3.79 at Publix…over 4.00 anywhere else. And if you buy TGLee milk…holy cow (literally!) That stuff runs 5.45 at Publix!!!

  42. Kari S says

    I Know U said a Gallon of MILK… But I have to Share that I went to the SunShine Jiffy (RIPoff) Mart, Tavares FL… Ran in to pick up milk 11:00pm cause I forgot it while grocery shopping just 10mins. ago…to find only $3.00 in my ashtray… That should be enough for a 1/2 gallon if not a Whole gallon… **1/2 Gallon MILK $3.49 so yes I went back to my car to scrape up the change so my kids would have MILK for bed time… Gotta <3 the Cow MILK!!!

  43. STEPHANIE says


  44. Jenna says

    A gallon of milk, here, is about $3.89. My daughter drinks Lactaid and that is $4.29 for a half gallon. Blah

  45. kristy tatum says

    $2.89 with a fill up at UDF, $2.79 at Kroger, $1.99 at Aldi. Just depends on where you go really. I still think it’s expensive when my family can easily drink a gallon a day.ughh

  46. Jannet says

    Winter Park Aldi: $2.49
    Winter Park Publix: $3.79
    TG Lee at Walmart in Casselberry: $5.19 YIKES!

    you pick where you want to purchase your milk.

  47. Kelly S. says

    For my growing 14 mon old twin boys, I try to keep their diet free of harmful stuff, so a gallon of organic milk every 5ish days is a whopping $5.59!!!!

  48. Michele Lightsey says

    the other day at a gas station for the emergency pick up was 3.79 but at publix it 3.59 it is about equal with gas prices in the area

  49. sharlene heranndez says

    a gallon of milk,costs almost as much as a tank of gas.and thats a lot!and with a one and a half yr old,my family drinks a lot of milk.

  50. sharlene heranndez says

    *correction*- sorry,my last comment i meant, a gallon of milk cost as much as a gallon of gas.

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