How to Recognize Target Coupons vs Manufacturer Coupons on the Target Site

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Here’s a quick tip on how to tell if a coupon is a true TARGET STORE COUPON or a manufacturer coupon with the Target Symbol on it – BEFORE printing it!! Yay! Let’s save some INK!  You can enlarge the photos above by clicking on them!


MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Manufacturer coupons always use the wording “when you buy”.

TARGET COUPONS: Target Store coupons always use the phrase “with purchase of”. OR Target coupons use no pre-emptive wording at all. So for example the Sensodyne coupon shown above says neither and is in fact a Target Store coupon.


thanks totally target!


  1. Kristin L says

    Thank you! Very good to know! I hate when I print a coupon thinking its a store coupon only to print as a manufacturer( and a MQ I already have :) )

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