Publix: Sneak Peek to the Upcoming Ad

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Here is the sneak peek to the upcoming Buy One Get One FREE Deals at Publix (for the upcoming ad 5/5 – 5/11)

Klondike or Slim-a-Bear Ice Cream Treats, 16 to 27 oz, BOGO $3.33

Whole Fruit Sorbet, 1 pt, BOGO $2.99

Power of Fruit All-Fruit Bars, 6 pk, BOGO $3

Yoplait Smoothie Mix, 7.6 oz, BOGO $3.19

Phillips Crab Cakes, 6 oz, BOGO $8.99

Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners, Regular, Selects Premium, or Bun Length, 16 oz (excluding Angus), BOGO $3.29

Tyson Chicken Strips, Fillets, or Tenderloins, Breaded Fully Cooked, 25 to 27.5 oz, BOGO $8.49

Fresh Express Salad Blends, 5 to 12 oz bag, BOGO $3.99

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 30 oz, BOGO $4.39

Eight O’Clock Coffee 11 to 12 oz (excluding Decaf), BOGO $7.79

Pompeian Imported Olive Oil 32 oz, BOGO $10.99

Ken’s Steak House Dressing, 16 oz, BOGO $3.25

Kellogg’s Cereal: Rice Krispies 12 to 16.5 oz, Corn Flakes 18 oz, Crunch Nut 10.8 or 14.1 oz, BOGO $4.09

Post Cereal: Pebbles 10.75 or 11 oz, Alpha Bits or Honey Comb 11.5 or 12.5 oz or Golden Crisp, 14.75 oz, BOGO $3.25

Classico Pasta Sauce 8.1 to 24 oz, BOGO $2.75

Knorr Sides, 3.8 to 6.4 oz pouch, BOGO $1.49

Ghirardelli Brownie Mix, 17 to 20 oz, BOGO $2.79

Crystal Light Drink Mix, 8 qt or On the Go, 7 or 10 ct, BOGO $2.99

Ocean Spray 100% Juice Blends or Light, 64 oz (excluding Cranberry Cocktails and Grapefruit), BOGO $3.19

Planters Trail Mix 5 or 6 oz, BOGO $1.99

6-Pack Selected Coca Cola Products, 16.9 oz, BOGO $3.99

Bing Energy Drink, 4pk 12 oz, BOGO $5.99

Pop Secret Premium Popcorn 11.2 to 21 oz box or 30 oz jar, BOGO $4.69

Lay’s Potato Chips, 10 or 10.5 oz bag (excluding Kettle Cooked, Baked! Light, and Natural), BOGO $3.99

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies, Wafers, Grahams, E.L. Fudge Cookies, 6.6 to 15 oz, pkg, BOGO $3.49

Arnold Sandwich Thins, Pre-Sliced 8 ct 12 oz, BOGO $3.69

Entemann’s Donuts, 8 ct 16 to 19 oz, BOGO $4.79

Kit Kat Snack Size Treats Jumbo Bag, 16.3 to 24.44 oz bag, BOGO $5.99

Nabisco Munch Packs or Variety or Single Serve Tray or Kraft Handi-Snacks, 12 or 15 ct, 9.45 to 25.2 oz pkg, BOGO $5.99

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spread 15 oz or 2 pk, 7.5 oz tub, 16 oz box, or 10 oz bottle or Spray, 8 oz, BOGO $2.89

Birds Eye Voila! Meal 21 to 23 oz bag, BOGO $4.99

Edwards Singles Slices or Mini Pies or Singles Desserts, 2 ct 5.2 to 9.17 oz, BOGO $2.95

Pepperidge Farm Stone Baked Artisan Rolls, 8 ct 14 oz bag, BOGO $3

Pepperidge Farm Three Layer Cake, 19 or 19.6 oz, BOGO $4.19

Purina Tidy Cats Cat Box Filler 10 lb bag, BOGO $2.39

Glade Candle 4 oz jar, BOGO $3.49

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refills, 2 ct, BOGO Surprisingly Low Price

Windex Glass Cleaner Original Or With Vinegar or Multi-Surface, 26 oz, BOGO $3.39

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  1. Angel says

    of COURSE they put my 8 O’Clock coffee on sale RIGHT after my q’s expire LOL I have been waiting since January i think???? and it seems it was way cheaper then too ;(
    Thanks for this, looking for q’s now ;D

  2. Lauren says

    I have the BOGO Crystal Light Coupons, how would it work with Publix’s BOGO? Thanks in advance!

  3. Shawn says

    Well…either my stockpile at home is deep enough at this point (still small compared to the extremists, but ample for our family for a couple months, a couple years for bathroom stuff) or it’s just me…but nothing this coming week has me really jumping for joy.

    There are some BOGO’s that are…OK, I guess I can add a few Knorr to the mix (with my $1/3, making it 6 for $2.50) but still…not getting “fired up” like I have in recent weeks.

  4. Angel says

    YEAH, TY! spent a FORTUNE on yucky maxwell house last week cause i couldnt hold out much longer…but now at least i will still be able to get a few ;D

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