Tips to overcome coupon burnout!

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Are you experiencing coupon burnout? Or are everyday things just so busy that you feel like you don’t have the time to do your normal level of couponing? Well, don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

With couponing, you can achieve a huge amount of savings on your grocery and household items. Some people become obsessed with saving at the grocery store and it can take away from time with their families. The tough economy has made couponing more common than ever. Before I started couponing, I didn’t pay attention to those around me shopping with coupons, now, about 1 out of 5 people I see at the store have either a binder, envelope or handful of coupons in tow.

Here are some tips I’ve read about that might help you if you feel like you’re getting burned out on couponing:

1. If possible, don’t do all the work yourself. Follow our coupon match-ups, so all you have to do is locate the coupons. If you have children, let them help you clip and file coupons. If you don’t have children or teens who can help, consider finding some friends who love coupon-shopping and get together with them on occasion to clip and file coupons and share deals. Or consider finding a local coupon group to join. Just having other people to share it with is a huge inspiration (and when you see the deals they’re getting, you’ll most likely want to know how to do that deal too).

2. Pick one favorite grocery store and one favorite drugstore and just “work” those weekly instead of trying to “work” each store. I personally mainly shop at Publix, CVS & Target.

3. Consider your mileage (gas cost) and time. Just because a certain store has a sale on an item and you have a coupon that would make it free doesn’t mean you should drive across town to get the item for free. Unless there are other items you will be buying at that store you will be better off just buying that item at the store you are already going to be shopping at that week. Or if your coupon is valid at any store, see if your store does price matching!

4. Take a week or two off from actually going to the store (other than for fresh produce, milk, etc) and live off your stockpile. That’s part of the benefit of keeping a stockpile, isn’t it? Knowing that you don’t “have” to go to the store if you can’t or don’t want to is a wonderful feeling and accomplishment. Take a week or two off from the store but don’t forget to get your papers if they’re not delivered. You will need those the next time you get ready to go on a coupon shopping trip.

5. If you are burned out and just not excited about it anymore try switching coupon organization methods. If you use a binder, try whole insert organization (which I love!). Or, go to a coupon class and get re-inspired to save money and hit the stores. If you’re local to Central Florida-check out the current COUPON CLASS Listing!

I love couponing because it has not only helped cut down on our monthly bill for grocery & household items, but it has given me the opportunity to help so many others, whether it be family, friends or donations for complete strangers. No matter your reasons for couponing or your reasons for feeling a burnout, I hope that you find your way back!

If you have experienced coupon burnout, what did you do to help yourself get back into it?

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  1. Jen says

    I just take one look at the person in front of me at the grocery store who has no coupon skills and shells out $200 for groceries that I can get for 1/4 of that. I coupon because I have to, not because my stockpile is pretty or it’s fun. Not that it’s not fun at all, but I don’t have a choice to be burned out. It is basically my 2nd job.

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