TLC – Extreme Couponing is BACK

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Extreme Couponing is back for another Season on TLC, beginning tonight at 10pm. Will you be watching?
I know that there are many different opinions of this show.  I am not a fan for a few reasons.  1- it really sheds a BAD light on us “normal” couponers.  It shows hoarding, shelf clearing, and all of the things I teach NOT to do.  And, lastly, there is not one ounce of  teaching or direction for those wanting to begin couponing.

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. 
Leave comments below or join me on the Couponers United Facebook Page tonight before the show for some chatting!
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  1. rachel says

    Since they don’t show it for free anywhere…I’ve only ever seen the highlights. I’m too frugal to splurge on cable TV. Another reason not to like it…it makes those who don’t coupon at all feel like if they start they won’t save enough to boast about since they can’t reach the extreme level.

  2. Neia says

    Reasons why I don’t like or watch TLC’s Extreme Couponing.

    1. I’ve seen an increase in issues with using coupons

    2. Onlookers are amazed with the money I save, but at times assume I’m a hoarder.

  3. Carla says

    Ditto and Ditto to all of the above since this show started I have had a really hard time using coupons and have to gear up with a smile on my face when I approach the cashier even at my once friendly Publix now when I take out my coupons at the end of my transaction I am no longer getting have a nice day ah well whats a girl to do but I certainly will not be watching will be too busy clipping coupons for tomorrow lol

    • Shawn says

      Not entirely unrealistic in Florida, but it is more difficult and requires a paradigm complete shift in the way you grocery shop…

      • says

        I agree Shawn-it’s not impossible to save a ton. I think many people think that because we can’t double, we can’t get the best deals, but we can STACK and use competitor coupons at Publix, and sometimes that is better than doubling IMO :-)

  4. Dezzy says

    I am definitely NOT a fan of that show! I totally agree that it shows all the bad couponing habits of some people. I only take what i need but ive noticed more and more cleared shelves. it pretty frustrating when all i was going to get was a couple and leave plenty for everyone else.

  5. says

    I think that some of the people on the show lie a bit, because they act like they are getting the stuff for totally free when they aren’t taking into account the money spent to A. Buy the newspapers to get the coupon inserts or B. Buy the inserts in bulk online, either way, the way they obtain the coupons isn’t free. So therefore the products that they buy (although are very cheap) aren’t totally free. And it’s not very realistic either, I’d be too embarrassed to buy 50 toothbrushes or 100 packs of something at the checkout lane, + the amount of shopping time, + clipping + organizing would be like a job. I coupon to save on stuff that I already buy + an occasional random buy or freebie, but as far as stockpiling like they do on the show I don’t have the room or the time.

  6. Sue K says

    one more complaint about couponers in general, i went to walgreens last sunday, paper rack is right near the door and cash register, very convenient, right? i always put one in bottom of my basket and start roaming the store to see what ‘i dont need’ LOL!
    this particular sunday the cashier said i had to pick up my paper at the end of my trip as they had been finding papers around the store w/inserts missing. extreme couponing, as well as the economy, is teaching greedy people to be greedier.

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