Walmart Now Offering BOGO Deals – Competing With Publix?! Walmart BOGO Deals #Walmart

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The Walmart Coupon policy has always stated they would match BOGO sales (part of their ad match pricing).  However, in the past, they have gone by the price in the competitors ad.  NOW they will offer the BOGO at the WALMART PRICE.   Example, in the past, the competitor ad like the one below would be used at Walmart.   The “up to $5.27″ is the price that Walmart would go by.  They would still allow the BOGO deal, but would price the item at $5.27 each (even if Walmart’s shelf price was $2.99)

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But now, with this new change, Walmart will match the BOGO at the WALMART shelf price.  I have heard this will be limit of 2 BOGO deals per product.  I believe this is another way Walmart is trying to compete with Publix & Winn Dixie stores.  Below is a comment that was left in the Couponers United Chat Group by Kelly:

“Amazingly smooth trip to Walmart the other day with this!! No need for the ad and the BOGO is at Walmarts prices and you can use 2 q’s on the items! It’s a limit of 2 per household but it is still a good deal! I am a Publix girl but it’s nice to know Walmart is doing this!  I bought cake mix for BOGO at 1.22 as opposed to 1.89 at Publix and was able to use 2 q’s… There is a lot on 2 per household and I was told that was 2 deals, so I was able to buy 4 of each product!”

This is a test here in Florida, and if it goes well, we may see it in other states as well!

thanks for the pic Michaela!


  1. Lexhex says

    This might make me a fulltime Walmart customer. If you were willing to follow BOGO, Publix was cheaper than Walmart. But this is a game changer, assuming it works smoothly at the register (Walmart has its issues with things like proper shelf pricing).

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