Winn Dixie E-Coupon Program *NEW*

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Winn Dixie has launched a new e-coupon program  which provides the potential savings of print coupons without the printing, clipping, and remembering to bring them all.

Customers can begin using e-coupons immediately by grabbing their Winn-Dixie Reward Card and going to to register the card with a username and password. They can then go to to view coupons, complete with descriptions of each item and valid dates to load to their Reward Card. Shoppers can save as many as 99 coupons on their Reward Card for discounts on their favorite items. Then, when checking out at their local Winn-Dixie, rather than rifling through paper coupons, customers simply swipe their Reward Card at point of purchase, and all relevant coupon savings are automatically applied.

FAQ’s From the Site.  My favorite/important info is in RED and read the very bottom for my thoughts:
Q. How do I access “e-coupons at Winn-Dixie”?
A. Once you create an account and register your Winn-Dixie Reward Card at, you can log in and select “Coupons” from the left side navigation tools to view and save the available e-coupons to your card.

Q. How do I save e-coupons to my Winn-Dixie Reward Card?
A. Select “Coupons” from the left side navigation tools to get to the e-coupons page. Once there, select the “Available” coupons tab. Then, click “Add coupon to card” below the image of the coupon you would like to select. You must be signed in to your account before you can save e-coupons to your card.

Q. How can I tell which coupons I have saved to my card?
A. Once you are logged in and have clicked on “coupons,” you can select the “Loaded” tab to see which coupons have been loaded onto your Winn-Dixie Reward Card.

Q. Do I need to print my coupons?
A. No, e-coupons are paperless. The coupons will automatically redeem when you swipe your Winn-Dixie Reward Card at the register and purchase the qualifying items. However, for your convenience, you have the ability to print a list of your coupons or e-mail the list to the e-mail address linked to your account. To print your list of coupons, visit the “Loaded” tab and select print.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of coupons I can save?
A. You can save up to 99 different coupons to your Winn-Dixie Reward Card at a time.

Q. How do I know the coupon has been used?
A. Your e-coupons savings at Winn-Dixie will be itemized on your receipt. In addition, the e-coupon will no longer appear in the “Loaded” tab in your account, but will be visible on the “Redeemed” tab when you sign into your account.

Q. Do coupons expire?
A. Yes, the expiration date will appear on the coupon.

Q. How will I know if one of the e-coupons I saved to my account has expired?
A. E-coupons that you have saved to your account that have expired will appear on the “Expired” coupons tab for up to seven days after they expire.

Q. How many times can an e-coupon be used?
A. An e-coupon can be used once per checkout transaction. The number of times an e-coupon can be reloaded to your account depends on the manufacturer. Most coupons can be used once, but others can be loaded to your account multiple times by loading the coupon to your card again after you redeem it. Once you use a coupon in a transaction, it is removed from your card, and you must re-load it again in order to use it a second time. For more specific details, please reference the coupon terms.

Q. Are all products for which there are e-coupons available at all Winn-Dixie stores?
A. While the products for which we have offers are available in most Winn-Dixie stores, on occasion there may be specific coupons that are not available in every Winn-Dixie store.

Q. How often will there be new e-coupons available?
A. We are working constantly to provide new coupons each week, so check the “Available” coupons tab frequently to see new coupons.

Q. Can I use an e-coupon and a paper coupon for the same item in a single transaction?
A. Yes, up to the limit of the item purchase price.

Q. Can I delete e-coupons from my account?
A. Yes. If you no longer want to use an e-coupon, visit the “Loaded” coupons tab and select “remove” on the coupon.

Q. What if I delete an e-coupon by mistake?
A. If the coupon is still available by the manufacturer, you can re-save it to your Winn-Dixie Reward Card by visiting the “Available” coupons tab.

Q. Can I print out a list of my loaded e-coupons?
A. Yes. Visit the “Loaded” coupons tab and select print. You will also have the option of e-mailing your list of coupons.

Q. What should I do if an e-coupon didn’t work properly at the register?
A. If an e-coupon does not redeem at the register, just notify the cashier so they can correct the issue. If you have already left the store, call Winn-Dixie customer service at 1-866-946-6349.

I love this concept.  My favorite is that you can use these WITH paper coupons as long as it doesn’t create “overage”.  Also, now that Ibotta works with Winn Dixie you can also use Ibotta offers with your paper and ecoupons to save tons!!


  1. Angie Peck says

    This is great, too bad I moved to Ga and they don’t have Winn Dixie’s. I sure wish Kroger would let you stack paper with e-coupons.

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